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How to grieve the loss of a pet dog

How to grieve the loss of a pet dog

How to grieve the loss of a pet dog is this month’s FAQ (frequently asked question). Research shows that for many, the loss of a much-loved dog is comparable to the death of a human loved one.“Euthanising Tina, my 16-year-old Labrador, was devastating. I cried more...

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Successful Grief

Successful Grief

What does successful grief look like? When my mum died, the Kubler-Ross grief model was the road map for mourning. Friends and family measured every tear and angry outburst against the five-stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Today,...

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How to fill jewellery urns

How to fill jewellery urns

Common FAQs we receive are, how to fill jewellery urns and 'What is cremation urn jewellery?'  Cremation urn jewellery looks as stylish and sophisticated as regular jewellery with one difference. Inside is a hidden chamber able to hold keepsake cremation ashes. Urn...

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Buy cremation urns online

Buying a cremation urn online gives you more choices at much lower costs. Gone are the days of somber urn styles with little design flair. Today's cremation urns range from classic to ultramodern, through to contemporary and biodegradable.

Cremation and burial urns for loved ones

Finding the perfect cremation urn to honour your loved one’s ashes, yet reflect their personality has never been more accessible. Brands we recommend are Liliane Cremation Urns | Memorials4U | Meilinxu | SmartChoice |DivinityUrns

Cremation and burial urns for cherished pets

Find the perfect cremation or burial urn for your cherished pet. Say goodbye in your own time.

Pet cremation urn styles range from photo frames and ashes jewellery through to modern urns and biodegradable burial caskets. Pet cremation urn brands we recommend are Odyssey Pet Cremation Urns | Classic Pet Urn Series | Near & Dear Pet Memorials | HooAMI


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Words to honour your loved one

The Eulogy For Life team has cut through the eulogy writing clutter. We offer resources that will help you prepare a beautiful eulogy to honour the life of your loved one living or passed.

We’ll bring clarity to your thoughts and help you express in words what is in your heart.

Eulogy for Life – words to honour loved ones living or passed.