The death of a loved one is the most stressful life-changing event of all. Ask anyone who has lost someone special, and they will tell you their life was irrevocably altered. But death is not the only loss that can change lives

Losing a beloved pet, relationship, marriage, or job can also bring with it life-changing experiences.

Through Eulogy For Life Denise Gibb and Julie Rick aim to help people deal with loss.

Learning to deal with loss – and the grief that follows – takes time and support.  Eulogy For Life reaches out to offer courage, comfort, and support by providing a wealth of products, information and resources.

By drawing on uplifting professional and personal experiences along with the spiritual insights of many hearts and minds, Denise and Julie aim to spark the healing power of positive thought.

Eulogy For Life is the realisation of a lifelong dream; to empower all with the ability to find inner healing.  

Kind words are healing words.

Happy memories are healing memories.

About Denise Gibb 

I’m an author whose professional writing draws from a diverse creative, business and health background.   

I’ve written with Australia’s most trusted psychic medium, Mitchell Coombes, to co-create bestselling titles like Sensing Spirit and Signs from Spirit. 

When working for ABC TV (Australia) I wrote Talking in the Streets – a tenpart radio drama awarded a gold medal at the New York Festivals. 

From print, radio and television through to digital media, I’ve written books, training resources, health and wellbeing articles, advertisements, digital content and more. 

I am the founder of Eulogy For Life. I offer a unique insight into life after death and balancing success with failure and life with loss. 

My belief is that true and kind words have the power to heal. 

live in Australia with my adored partner.  

About Julie Rick 

I’m a digital content designer whose professional experience draws from both a creative and commercial background.   

My first job in graphic design involved designing newspaper advertisements.  Years later,  I created leadingedge eLearning content to help empower disenfranchised youth.  

With over a decade of experience running my successful print and web design business, I have designed and produced books, training resources,  eLearning programs, advertisements, digital content and more. 

I am the co-founder of Eulogy For Life.  I bring a unique understanding of balancing business with life, motherhood with letting go, and loss with all the falls in between. 

I live in Australia with my wonderful husband. 

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