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Tell us your story about loss

Perhaps your loss is recent. Maybe you’re twelve months on and facing the year of firsts. The first Christmas or first wedding anniversary without your loved one. Or on the contrary, perhaps its been several years since your loved one’s passing, and only now you see grief for what it was.

We invite you to share your story with us. But importantly,  tell us how you found the strength to face each day and where the courage to process your grief came from.

With your stories, we aim to help reduce the number of people who slip into complicated grief after losing a loved one.

Reading about someone else’s feelings, experiences and emotions is a powerful healer.

We look forward to reading your story*.

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* By submitting your story about loss, you give us permission to edit and publish your story. We’ll use first names only. And to protect privacy, we’ll change all other identifying names and places.

Ruby’s Story–Goodbye to a family gem

Ruby’s Story–Goodbye to a family gem

Six months ago, I euthanized my best friend, Ruby. She was a beautiful black Labrador with bone cancer. Her pain was insufferable, yet I agonized over ending her life. The Vet said it was the kindest thing I could do. But I kept asking myself, “Will Ruby ever forgive...

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Kylie’s Story – Death of a husband

Kylie’s Story – Death of a husband

The death of a much-loved husband is devastating, as Kylie discovered. Yet, through the eyes of her young daughter, Kylie found hope. Kylie's Story Every morning, I would kiss my husband, Terry, good-bye before heading to work. Our kiss was the cue for my two...

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